the vineyards

The Pinot Grigio grape variety is widely grown in France and Italy. Its name is derived from the belief that it is a mutation of Pinot Noir and Grigio is grey in Italian, referring to the colour of the berries. In France it is Gris as this is grey in French! Our Pinot Grigio is grown in the Hunter Valley, Broke, by Greenway Wines and is made in a style that is refreshing and zesty. I believe that this is the style that better reflects its terroir. Harvesting it earlier on in the growing season, it retains its citrus character and natural acidity. Enjoy!

Our Muscat de Hambourg is grown by Kawal Rock Distillery at their vineyard in Broke, on Wonnarua Country. The vineyard was planted by Hunter Valley Legend John Tulloch over 60 years ago.The exceptional quality of the fruit allowed us to produce a white wine with lifted floral aromas of rose water and musk. These aromas are replicated and enhanced by some fruit sweetness on the palate, together with zesty citrus flavours. It finishes rounded and fresh.

Also, as is traditional, we have fortified some of this Muscat. At this stage it is aging in an oak barrel and hopefully the wine angels will not drink too much of it but will help concentrate this nectar. We estimate the aging process to last for quite some years. 

Viognier has its origins in the Rhone Valley of France where it creates white wines that are fragrant and full-bodied. Our Viognier was grown at Campbells Domaine in the Hunter Valley. Similarly, to our Pinot Grigio the variety was harvested earlier on the season to produce a more medium bodied style of wine and retain its natural acidity. In the winery we promoted skin contact to enhance a textural sensation and complexity that together with its acidity makes it a refreshing partner to shellfish. Bon Appetit.

The native home of Rondinella is the Veneto region of Italy, where it is mostly used together with Corvina to make a rich red wine called Amarone. Our Rosé was made from Rondinella grapes grown in the Hilltops region of NSW by Dr Brian Freeman. We crafted a salmon-coloured Rosé that has a lingering textured and spicy palate. Salute.

Barbera has its origins in Piedmont, Italy. It is sometimes ‘revered’ as the poor cousin of Nebbiolo, perhaps the King of Italian grape varieties. Anyway…., our Barbera was grown in the Hunter Valley, Broke by Phil McNamara of Mount Broke Wines. Vales Barbera is a medium bodied wine, displaying red fruit flavours that give way to a savoury character, perhaps because of its origins it is great with Italian food.

Tempranillo is a grape variety that may have its origins in Rioja, Spain and widely grown in Portugal. Without wanting to introduce some parochial sentiment between Portugal and Spain, let’s say it has Iberian origins! Our Tempranillo was grown by Drayton’s Family Wines in Pokolbin, Hunter Valley. Our Tempranillo exhibits blackberry and clove characters in a soft, yet firm savoury tannin finish. Anyone for Tapas?

Shiraz is thought to be a cross between Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche, two grape varieties from South West France, another potential source suggests that it may have its origins in present day Iran, namely the city of Shiraz.... you decide!

Our 2021 Shiraz was grown at the Clarke Vineyard, McLaren Vale SA. It displays beautiful aromas of red and dark fruits, that are replicated on the palate. Together with hints of dark chocolate and lingering soft silky tannins. It finishes long and fresh. Cheers! 

Our 2022 Shiraz Rosé has its origins in the centenarian Old Flat Vineyard, Hunter Valley, under the custodianship of Greg Drayton. The resulting pink Rosé is vivacious with aromas of cherry and red fruit. The palate is light with distinct cranberry flavour, it finishes with a crunchy vibrancy and zesty freshness. ey