New Release - 2023 Muscat de Hambourg, Hunter Valley

New Release - 2023 Muscat de Hambourg, Hunter Valley

Our Muscat de Hamburg is grown by Kawal Rock Distillery at their vineyard in Broke, on Wonnarua Country. The vineyard was planted by Hunter Valley legend John Tulloch over 60 years ago.

The exceptional quality of the fruit allowed us to produce a white wine with lifted floral aromas of rose water and musk. These aromas are replicated and enhanced by some fruit sweetness on the palate, together with zesty citrus flavours. It finishes rounded and fresh.

Also, as is traditional, we have fortified some of this Muscat. At this stage it is aging in an oak barrel and hopefully the wine angels will not drink too much of it but will help concentrate this nectar. We estimate the aging process to last for quite some years. We will keep you posted as to how it is progressing, and we may even bring it out at our future Members functions.

Furthermore, I came across an article on the increasing use of red grapes to make still white wines, just as we did with our Muscat! Some of the reasons evoked for this trend is to increase attractive alternatives to rosés to customers and mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change, like the increased risk of fire. This is achieved by minimising the contact of grape skins with the juice.

The idea behind this wine stemmed from a desire to make a wine that would be able to match the delicately lifted aromas and flavours found in some Asian cuisines, like Vietnamese and Thai with some degree of sweetness to balance out the spiciness. We believe we have achieved this, but you be the judge!